Technology Strategy and Integration

Technology continues to change at an accelerated pace; a major challenge for businesses saddled with constant upgrades and enhancements to keep technology current while workload demands are increasing. Change can dramatically affect your business and generate many pertinent questions. Can your company:

  • adopt and implement new technologies given the costs and projected return on investment?
  • afford to make the changes today? tomorrow?
  • afford not to make the changes?

Strategic Growth Solutions has the proven expertise and experience to review an organization's current and planned technology as it applies to the overall business plan. An up-to-date analysis of the current applicability and vacancies of technology is provided.

Our goal is to focus on the strategic development and deployment of technology in specific areas:

  • business systems planning and design
  • network design
  • business application development including design, programming, implementation, documentation and training
  • e-commerce development
  • integration of e-commerce including internal operations and support systems, supply chains and financial systems

This critical exercise uncovers areas of concern due to inefficient workflow or outdated technologies resulting in productivity losses. Strategic Growth Solutions will assist you in identifying areas for improvement, design appropriate systems and deploy cost effective solutions.