Sales & Marketing

The "Art of Sales" never becomes a science. Marketing's job is to scientifically determine appropriate tools to prepare the field for the "professional artists". Are sales in your organization suffering? Have you experienced:

  • flat or decreasing sales?
  • increased turnover on the sales team?
  • difficulty in getting accurate pipeline reports?
  • frustration from ineffective sales reporting systems?
  • lack of alternative sales channels to provide leverage?
  • customer attrition without comment?

Strategic Growth Solutions reviews the strengths and weaknesses of systems, strategy and personnel in your sales department, and examines the cohesiveness of the working relationship between the sales and marketing departments.

Our goal is to assist our clients through various phases of growth by delivering revised sales strategy to support the corporation's goals. This is accomplished by investigating the following:

  • current wins and losses in the market place
  • sales distribution strategies
  • human resource performance in sales department
  • product/service strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs)
  • technology used for lead generation, management and reporting
  • customer and demographic profiling including "quiet customer" reporting (CRM)
  • integrated marketing campaigns to include public relations, direct mail, advertising, on and off-line promotions, incentive programs, etc. to support sales

This critical exercise uncovers the mystery behind slow sales, unexplained expenses and disgruntled sales professionals. Strategic Growth Solutions provides documented, concrete strategies to increase sales and to secure the customer base.