Steven Olson 

Senior Executive – Finance ,Technology & Operations

Mr. Olson has held senior positions in large multi-national organizations over the past forty years. His background includes information services, banking, transportation and financial services for technology-based companies. He has served Senior VP on the Global Systems Planning team for Barclays Bank in London, as CIO at Circle Freight International, CIO for Air Express International and BAX Global. He also participated in the development and launch of new global banking systems for Investment Banking and International Financial Management. Mr. Olson assisted many development stage companies over the last fifteen years in planning, development, implementation and funding. Mr. Olson has experience in both large scale and medium sized organizations including project management, departmental management, budget management, contract negotiations and strategic systems planning.

Academic Background

·         B.S. Business Management, University of Chicago

·         M.B.A, University of Chicago

·         London School of Economics

·         Fellowship – Oxford University