Competitive Analysis

Competitive information, when used wisely, can support your organization's vision while increasing market share. The true validation of a product is market acceptance. With market acceptance, it's a logical fact there is more than one player. Has your company been pondering:

  • who the competition is?
  • what percent of the market each competitor holds?
  • what are strengths and weaknesses of the competitors?

Strategic Growth Solutions investigates the competition, what makes them special (or not), geographical locations of their success (or lack there of), how they sell, why people buy from them (or not), and their current success rates. Skilled professionals armed with this powerful information can give you the real "competitive edge."

Our goal is to educate your sales and marketing staff with competitive details to strengthen your opportunities with prospects. A thorough examination of the competition will be documented and provide clarification on the:

  • competitors' history and financial depth
  • current selling strategies
  • up-to-date market acceptance of each competitor
  • features, functions and benefits of their products

This critical exercise uncovers the mystery behind lost sales. Strategic Growth Solutions recommends product changes and selling strategy adjustments to professionally out sell the competition.