Operational Procedures

Organizations have procedures - some are formalized, others are not. Sound operational procedures are critical for consistency and quality of a company's product(s)/service(s) as well as the human safety factor. Most successful companies proactively establish sensible, practical procedures and keep them current. Does your company have:

  • current procedures to help achieve best performance practices?
  • documented procedures available for all concerned?
  • clarity on the positive or negative impact of existing procedures?
  • formal and informal training sessions on procedures?
  • systems and processes in place to encourage improvements?

Strategic Growth Systems looks at operation and procedure workflow on a company wide basis, by individual department and for specific processes based on need. Our goal is to:

  • gain in-depth knowledge of existing workflows
  • document and critique the workflows
  • design and install authorized improvements
  • implement control systems with key management indicators.

This critical exercise uncovers reasons for productivity losses. Strategic Growth Systems understands the positive impact of workflow and operational procedures and will assist you in the definition, improvements and installation of changes to reduce employee turnover rates and increase efficiencies.