Business Practices and Policies

In order for a company to operate like a "well oiled machine," written policies are distributed to and executed by the employees. Key indicators or "red flags" surface when a loss of efficiency is apparent in your organization. Has your company been experiencing:

  • sudden or gradual increases in expenses?
  • declining revenues or market share?
  • high staff turnover?
  • increasing rates of customer complaints and attrition?
  • escalated levels of inventory?

Strategic Growth Solutions applies a proven and systematic approach to analyzing business practices and policies that exist within our Client's company, a specific department or a particular process to gain insight into underlying causes of inefficiencies.

Our goal is to dissect workflows from start to finish to establish a baseline understanding. The focus is on understanding, documenting and suggesting changes to the organizations existing:

  • structure and policies
  • internal and external communication practices distribution channels and support systems
  • utilization of internal and external resources including personnel, technology, financial and production materials

This critical exercise uncovers reasons for productivity losses and inefficiencies. Strategic Growth Solutions recommends engineering adjustments and changes to processes in a documented review. Such reviews are focused on relevant applications, or expanded to complete systems.